About Us

Tajer Link is a platform that connects Business Owners (Merchants) who own products as a franchise or as a local brand, and Individuals (Vendors) who are willing to sell the Merchant’s products for a commission. Both sides get to negotiate the commissions privately and freely to customize their own distribution terms and outreach. After the agreement the Merchant gets to add their product in the Vendor’s free shop on our E-commerce website, where they can monitor and fulfill their orders through their private dashboard. The vendors get to monitor their sales and commissions as well from their own dashboard.

Both aspects of the platform are for free until the 1st of August 2021.

About Ferus Co.

Tajer Link is a new platform from Ferus Co. a company which started as an online socks brand in Kuwait. The significance is to outline why we ventured into providing E-commerce services through Volta and now Tajer Link.

When we first started Quirky Toes we found it difficult to expand our distribution channels locally, because local brands find it hard to expand their outreach in the non-Food and Beverage Retail sector where every major retailer is a franchise. So when you as a brand try to expand your outreach you will run into multiple obstacles with the brick and mortar retailers in Kuwait and other social sales platforms.

Our Aim

We aim to help create entrepreneurial opportunities for everyone. Whether they are looking to expand their distribution channels or to simply start a side-hustle to increase their income, we aim to provide this opportunity for everyone for free for a year, to counteract the well known implications and challenges of COVID-19 on our local economy.

About The Founder

Ahmad Taher has a background in Electrical Engineering and an MSc in Energy Management from TU Dublin. He came back to Kuwait in 2014 and worked in the oilfield for 2 years before starting Ferus Co. and the GCC’s first socks brand Quirky Toes.

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