For Merchants – How can Tajer Link Help Me?

Tajer Link is a platform to sell your products through other people‚Äôs online shops (We call them Vendors). 


By giving the Vendors, selling your products, a commission on every sale they make on their website.

But How?

Simply you can:

-Set the commission of each product you want to sell on Tajer, or

-Negotiate the commissions you want to give to the Vendors with the Vendors themselves.

-Add your products to your special page and the Vendors will be able to request to add your products to their shop.

-They make a sale, you get paid, and they get paid.

How much is your commission?

We do not get paid in commissions, whatever money you make is completely yours. We will charge you a monthly subscription with no percentages.

Who sets the commissions?

You do.

How would I know if I am making any sales?

Whenever the Vendor makes a sale, you will be notified with an email, you will also have your own dashboard to monitor and fulfil your orders. 

How will I receive the money?

The money will be transferred to your bank account every 5 working days.

Why is this good for me?

You get to save yourself the trouble of:

-Overspending on the marketing of your products

-Hiring a sales team.

-The headache of trying to increase your distribution channels.

How much is it going to cost me?

If you join before the end of September 2020 you can enjoy 6 months for free, and afterwards you will pay a fee starting from 10 KD per month (if you have a small business).

Are you a marketing agency?


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