For Vendors: How Can Tajer Help Me?

How Can Tajer Link Help Me? (Vendor)

Tajer makes it so simple for you to start a business, without having to buy any products or any down payment. 


By gaining commissions from marketing and selling the products of other local businesses.

But How?

  • You can create your own shop on our platform.
  • Call it anything you like 
  • Add your own Logo and shop details. 
  • Through a special area on our website you will be able to add the products you want to sell to your shop.
  • Make Money.

How much is your commission?

We do not get paid in commissions, whatever money you make is completely yours. We will charge you a monthly subscription with no percentages.

Who sets the commissions?

The business owners set the commissions they are willing to pay for every sale of their products in your shop.

What if I don’t like the commissions?

You can use Tajer Catalog to submit the percentage you would like to get to the product owner himself/herself, and once they agree, we will add the product in your shop.

How would I know if I am making any sales?

Whenever you make a sale, you will get an email with the order. Your shop also has its own dashboard that shows you the sales you made, the products, and your customers.

How will I receive the money?

The money will be transferred to your bank account every 5 working days.

Why is this good for me?

Through Tajer Link, you do not need to:

  • Import products from abroad,
  • Deal with starting a new business from scratch,
  • You can start your business in seconds.

What if I want to sell my own products, along with the products I found on Tajer Link?

Easily. Contact our team and they will make it happen for you. But please note that the subscription fee will change.

How much is it going to cost me?

If you join before the end of September 2020 you can enjoy 6 months for free, and afterwards you will pay 5 KD per month for using our basic package (Does not include adding your own products)

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